Hello everyone, my name is Gianluca Porcu, stage name Gbass.
I am a BASSIST, raised on the grooves of James Brown, Earth Wind, Fire , etc which I came to know by listening to all the records collected by my father, who transmitted his passion for music to me.
At the age of nine I started to play the classical guitar, and then approached the bass at fourteen years old; well, yes, it was my choice!
After having had private classes, I continued as autodidact, delving into the technique of the instrument and the knowledge of several artists and genres, actually playing anything with musicians from different backgrounds, accumulating live experience.
I don’t love any specific genre as much as I love music in general.
Among my favorite genres are definitely Hip Hop and Black Music, a passion that I retraced by attending the Jazz course of study at the Luigi Canepa Conservatory in Sassari.
Later, when I moved to Milan, this passion led me to play around all Italy with the bands Vinile and Elephunk, to create projects like Mangroove, to many live and studio collaborations, to European dates with Fame Monster, and to the most recent collaboration, with the artist Roshelle (XFactor10).
I currently manage various musical projects, in addition to nurturing the aptitude for music production and beatmaking.
Anyway I’m available for any kind of collaboration, recording, production or live performance.
I created this website essentially to tell you about who I am and what I do. The only thing remaining is for me to wish you good surfing and
Good Music!